Friday, October 23, 2009

The Moment of Truth

We dropped Tango off for surgery on Tuesday morning. By noon I'd received a call from Dr. Lotsikas to let me know that all had gone well, and that Tango had been a "perfect gentleman"...which was a welcome surprise, considering how distrustful Tango can be around strangers. Amazing what a dose of narcotic painkiller can do!

We picked him up the next day, after having vet tech Holly spend more than 45 minutes reviewing instructions for Tango's post-surgical care. She even did a creditable imitation of a dog to show us the exercises we'd be doing with and to Tango over the following weeks. She told us what we could expect in the coming days (including that fact that Tango might not defecate for up to 5(!) days because of reduced food in his system and the affects of anesthesia on the digestive tract).

As we left with Tango (looking groggy but pleased to see us) and his Rimadyl, Tramadol, and antibiotic, I looked at the pages of instructions and restrictions that we'd have to impose on him over the next two months, and it occurred to me that surgery had been the easy part. Now the real work of rest, recuperation, and rehabilitation would begin.

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