Saturday, November 7, 2009

Convalescence Continues

It's now been two and a half weeks since Tango's surgery, and he seems to be recovering well. We began our 5-minute walks on Tuesday, and he really enjoys them; okay, let's face it, other than meal times, they're the highlights of his day. They give him the opportunity not only to exercise his atrophied thigh muscles, but also to get the latest sensory information about what's going on in the doggy world...kind of like a canine version of the "Lifestyle" section of the paper or "Entertainment Tonight."

We're continuing with the PROM exercises (I WILL post a video clip demonstration tomorrow), and on Monday we'll be adding some new exercises to the routine.

In the meantime, we're trying to ward off boredom with rawhides, dried tendons (YUM), and Tango's beloved orange rubber ball (which used to have feet until he chewed them off...and ate them). His preference would be to chase the ball, but since we're weeks away from that, he contents himself with chewing on it. (Thank goodness it no longer emits an ear-piercing squeak.) We just have to make sure not to leave it with him for any length of unsupervised time, or he's likely to finish what he began with the feet.


  1. Hi there! I'm so glad to hear that Tango is doing well! My dog, Sammie, is having TPLO surgery with Dr. Latsikas on the 23rd. I'd really like to ask you some questions about Tango's recovery. Is there a way that I could email you? Or you could email me at maslovma at gmail.


  2. What a sweetie pie. He looks great.